Theodore's Coffee

Ethiopia Assefa Estate

Berry preserves, vanilla malt, clove.

This specially prepared sun-dried natural lot presents aromas of strawberry creme, peach cobbler, and chocolate liqueur, moving into flavor notes of vanilla caramel melded with juicy fruits. It’s creamy with a juicy body and a sweet wine-like acidity.

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Sheda village
Assefa Estate
Assefa Dukamo
Ethiopian Heirloom
Natural Process

Meet Assefa Dukamo

Assefa is a mountain of an Ethiopian man. Standing well over six-feet tall, he is a presence to be reckoned with. His unrelenting work ethic and contagious drive inspires everyone around him to excellence, which is easily evident in the communities where he works and in his own 100+ hectares coffee estate.

Assefa takes his responsibility to his employees very seriously. For example, during a recent national shortage of physical currency, he couldn’t withdraw any money from his account to pay his workers. Rather than have them go without, he called some friends from other coffee mills, borrowing the necessary cash to pay employees on time.

Kaffa, Ethiopia

Some 460 km to the southwest of Addis Ababa, we find the Kaffa zone. Here wild Arabica coffee flourishes in the volcanic soils of the forest understory, high on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

The Kaffa region was once dominated by spreading rainforest. But when coffee prices declined, farmers turned to other crops, and to grow those crops, they began destroying the rainforest until the jungle had been reduced to a bare 3% of its original area.

However, there is a large-scale conservation project in operation in which the last wild stock of rainforest coffee is being carefully preserved and cultivated. Approximately 30 co-ops harvest and market this coffee to specialty markets, and over 40,000 people are seeing a boost in their income as a result. Furthermore, in 2010, Part of the Kaffa province was officially recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and in 2012, lions were photographed there for the first time.

Owosso, MI

Theodore's Coffee

Darwin Pavon founded Theodore's Coffee in 2014, after years working in Honduras collecting soil samples from farmers' fields in a push to create fertilizers for stronger growth and yield. Each Honduran coffee imported for Theodore's is sourced from a friend of Darwin's in the ultimate Direct Trade relationship. Pavon says,

"At Theodore's our passion is to bring to you superior quality coffee, serve you with excellence and create loyalty from you to our products and services in the coffee industry."

Every coffee you buy from Theodore's helps support The Micah Project, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where young men and boys who have grown up on the streets or in extreme poverty are trained in leadership and healthy life skills. Pavon has a strong passion to support The Micah Project, as he was an original Micah's resident who 'made good'.

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