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​Honduras El Puente

Panela, peach, honey.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This coffee is loaded with bright sweet plum, panela, and peach notes along with hints pear, apples, and milk chocolate. It’s creamy and full-bodied, with honey, clove, and cinnamon in the lingering finish.

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El Paraiso
Finca El Puente
​Fernando Espana
Washed Process

Meet ​Fernando Espana

Finca El Puente is located in the highest growing areas of one of the most famous Mayan areas in the world. It's also becoming famous for its very own special microclimate, perfect for growing coffee. Because of the high altitude, cold nights, volcanic soil and high humidity, coffees from this mountain will show sparkly citrus, black currant, and very complex qualities.

Fernando Espana bought Finca El Puente in 1992 on day his first son was born, and named it after his grandmother. For the past 27 years, he’s been cultivating coffee there, always seeking to improve. Fernando is currently building solar dryers, planning to ferment 100% of his washed lots. He is also designing a comprehensive tracking system to keep a record of what happens to each lot from the date coffee gets picked until it is roasted and cupped.

Copán, Honduras

The coffee growing region of Copán, high in the western mountains, earns the label “‘Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Because coffees at these elevations ripen slower, they are denser and concentrated in flavor as well, making them candidates for the specialty coffee market.

Specialty grade coffee in Honduras has traveled a long and difficult road. In 1998, just as a small number of coffee farmers and exporters were finding their way into the American specialty coffee market, Honduras was devastated first by hurricane Mitch, and then by the storms and floods of 1999. In addition, most of the country’s coffee is produced by smallholders, and due to lack of infrastructure, many process and dry their coffee themselves, then mix these small lots together and sell to exporters. It sounds neighborly, but the results can be disappointing in quality. That said, several factors have changed and resulted in an explosion of quality coffees from Honduras and in enthusiasm about Honduran coffees around the world.

Owosso, MI

Theodore's Coffee

Darwin Pavon founded Theodore's Coffee in 2014, after years working in Honduras collecting soil samples from farmers' fields in a push to create fertilizers for stronger growth and yield. Each Honduran coffee imported for Theodore's is sourced from a friend of Darwin's in the ultimate Direct Trade relationship. Pavon says,

"At Theodore's our passion is to bring to you superior quality coffee, serve you with excellence and create loyalty from you to our products and services in the coffee industry."

Every coffee you buy from Theodore's helps support The Micah Project, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where young men and boys who have grown up on the streets or in extreme poverty are trained in leadership and healthy life skills. Pavon has a strong passion to support The Micah Project, as he was an original Micah's resident who 'made good'.

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