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Bellingham, WA

Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee started out as a late night conversation between three friends, Andrew, David and Todd, at a dark little cocktail joint in Bellingham, WA. They had worked together for nearly 10 years and were all Q graders. Most importantly, they all had a hunger to find coffees that would surprise and delight their customers. After many years of dreaming, they finally started Camber in 2015. Camber means "curve," which is perfectly fitting because each coffee requires a unique roast curve in order to unlock all of the sweetness and complexity that it has to offer.

Based in Bellingham, WA, Camber is all about finding and roasting sweet, complex and balanced coffees. This leads them to cup constantly, vetting every single roast before it leaves their facility. They’re always dreaming up new ways to deepen their relationship with farmers in order to bring even more amazing coffees to the table. In everything they do, they seek to treat people with kindness and respect. They work with skilled, quality-obsessed farmers, and pay top dollar for their green coffee.

Besides working with many well-known cafes, restaurants, they opened their flagship cafe in Camber downtown Bellingham in 2017, which was quickly named Best Coffeeshop in Washington State by Food & Wine Magazine.

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