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Traverse City, MI

Higher Grounds Coffee

Higher Grounds Coffee believes that high-quality coffee is sustainable only through a human-centric approach. They source 100% organic coffee directly through ownership of their importing co-op Cooperative Coffees, always paying well over market and fair trade minimum prices. Their coffee is meticulously cupped, profiled, and roasted with precision to bring out the best of every bean. They offer unique and tasty single-origins as well as delicious and crowd-pleasing blends.

Their dedication does not stop when the coffee hits the cup. They circle back to invest in farming communities via their nonprofit partners and through direct support of community development programs and sustainability initiatives. Whether it is school construction in Ethiopia, water projects in Chiapas, Mexico, or women's empowerment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Higher Grounds has engaged in and supported farmer initiatives all over the world.

There are many coffee roasters to choose from, but no one does it like Higher Grounds. Their award-winning approach to sourcing and quality have earned them recognition from coast to coast.

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