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Seattle, WA

Kuma Coffee

2008 was a very good year in Seattle, because that’s when Kuma Coffee came on the scene. It started as a guy in his garage with a 2 kilo roaster, roasting for friends and family and has grown to a 4 person wholesale roastery working their magic on a Loring Kestrel 35k.

Kuma has won numerous awards over the years, but they’re most proud of the sourcing relationships they’ve forged the world over. “We want to do real, honorable work that is about the quality of the product we make, and not about everything else. There is so much distraction in our industry, it’s often about everything but the product.”

At Kuma, they love creating real products with honest values, that have a positive impact for all people in the chain. One of their overarching goals is to help people to start caring more about the quality of all the products they use in their lives, especially things like food, and you guessed it—COFFEE!

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