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San Francisco, CA

Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Our name Lady Falcon Coffee Club is a respectful nod to an era in San Francisco’s Ocean Beach history. In the 1880s, an impromptu neighborhood of abandoned streetcars on Judah Street became “Carville-by-the-Sea.” Carville housed many a freethinker. The Falcon Ladies Bicycling Club was one of the first streetcars in the bunch and helped shape the legend of Carville.

Now, why would ladies need a bicycling club? These women were rebels in their own way, in their own day. Ladies straddling bicycles in the late 1800s... women couldn’t even legally vote then and were restricted by corsets and petticoats. With bicycling, a freedom of movement liberated them. They must have felt like they had wings.

With deep roots on Judah Street in San Francisco, we sought to imagine the lives of these forerunners who built the spirit of the neighborhood on a sand dune we love so well -- with recycled streetcars, grit, tenacity and a passion for fun.

They found like-minded bohemians and artists and created a club in the outskirts of the City, in a new neighborhood that embraced and appreciated their quirkiness as well as their flair for originality.

Our coffee harnesses that spirit of originality, as we handcraft our coffee the old fashioned way and with our own unique style—in our own way, in our own day.

We hope you will love it.

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