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San Marcos, CA

Memli Coffee Lab

Mindfully Roasted Boutique Roaster. We help you explore the world of coffee sensory by consistently sourcing traceable, seasonal, and high-quality grade specialty lots in a fully transparent way. We believe in communication through coffee, sensory, and experiences.

Our mission is to offer sensory excellence by drawing a specific picture with flavor profiles. To do so we highlight each coffee's intrinsic qualities through our roasting approach and provide complete transparency and traceability for each coffee we source.

Our roasting approach highlights each coffee's terroir, making sure the producer's craft is not lost during the roast so that you can enjoy the authentic quality. This includes a special focus on 1. variety 2. climate and soil conditions, and 3. processing method. This results in a series of outstanding coffee from all over the World mindfully roasted to connect you to the coffee you like.

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