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Spokane, WA

Roast House Coffee

Roast House Coffee was founded, and remains woman-owned, since 2010 by Deborah Di Bernardo with one clarified vision in mind: source sustainably certified coffees exclusively. Today, we continue to maintain our commitment to certified specialty producers. Coffee is often drenched with nasty chemicals and deforested when opportunities for expansion arise. We recognize producing coffee is way more nuanced than we could capture in a few sentences intended to show you that we deeply care about our craft and sustaining the future of coffee. Being an organic roastery and paying cooperatives what they need to maintain their certifications, we are able to verify that the coffees we roast are as kickass for the planet as they are in your cup.

If there is one thing that we've learned over the past decade-plus, it's that solving sustainability challenges must be a collective approach. Sustainability has become a competitive marketplace where we often look at individual efforts as the single factor of saving the world, but if we're honest, that's pretty silly.

We are a tiny company with limited reach and having trusted producers, exporters and importers allows us to make a much bigger impact. Working with transparent partners creates an environment for discussion and decision-making that lines up with our commitment to paying sustainable wages throughout the supply chain. When you drink a cup of Roast House, you are supporting people fighting for a more sustainable specialty coffee industry and you better believe we're all working our little buns off!

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