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Grand Rapids, MI

Rowster Coffee

You pronounce the “row” in Rowster like “row your boat” – a nod to the clean, fresh waters of West Michigan and the waters of each global region where we source beans.

Since 2005, Rowster Coffee has been hand roasting specialty coffee in a 20 lb, American made, steel coffee roaster. It's an old idea made new in a time of mass production.

Our production facility and Cafe are located in Grand Rapids, MI. It began as a one-man operation in the back of a local gallery in 2005. High standards were present even in our humble beginnings. Sourcing only the best coffee beans from across the globe ensured the ability to create the highest quality specialty coffee in Grand Rapids. Our roasters lend their expert craftsmanship to the roasting process, allowing our specialty coffee to tell the story of the beans that created it.

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