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San Diego, CA

Torque Coffees

Beautiful Coffees With Radical Equity.

We reverse engineered how coffee farmers are valued. With Torque's Proportional Pricing, 20% of the price of every coffee was pre-paid to Coffee Producers. Whether it s delightful single origin coffee or a sweet & balanced coffee composition, every coffee is 100% amazing & pays 20% to farmers.

Coffee Farmers Equity

From the $200 Billion coffee industry, less than 10% remains in coffee producing countries & often less than 5% is paid to the actual coffee producers. That’s broken.

At Torque we believe that coffee producers deserve a greater equity share. So we created a model where Coffee Producers get equity in the full retail value of coffee.

In the Torque Farmer Equity model Coffee Producers are pre-paid based on the retail price of their coffee beans. This more than doubles their equity share of the value of their coffee.

We are Coffee People.
We are Nanelle & Andy Newbom and we are two Coffee Lifers. In our whirlwind journey through coffee over the last 21 years we have been hands-on in nearly every aspect of the industry. We have been baristas, bar backs, cashiers, roasters, machine techs, green coffee buyers, coffee trainers, barista & roaster competitors, cuppers, judges, wet & dry mill operators, exporters, importers, and coffee brokers.

We are People People
We have done many things in coffee, while visiting and even living in coffee producing countries, and having a multitude of amazing life-changing experiences. The one true constant is people. Coffee people to be exact. Coffee people are simply the best people, period. If you know us you already know that we are both madly in love with coffee. But you also know that our true love, our deepest heart, is our love for all the wonderful, crazy misfits and dreamers we call coffee people. And if you don’t know us yet, but you are here now, then we will gladly call you coffee people. Let’s get to know each other through coffee.

. The new Torque Coffee Box is rad!! 50% less materials per shipment! 100% recycled & recyclable cardboard, tissue & shipping label, & recyclable inner coffee bag! The Coffee box is the shipping box. One Box to rule them all! <<<<<<<

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