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Boulder, CO

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Boxcar was started in 2010 by husband and wife team Vajra and Cara Rich with the goal of building a world class roasting company in their small hometown of Boulder, Colorado. To achieve this goal they knew that quality had to be at the foundation, which is why we have always held a "never settle" mindset towards our coffee roasting. By continuously examining every aspect of our process from green coffee storage to QC protocols to data collection; we ensure that we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible through a scientific and evidence-based approach.

Over the ten years Boxcar has been in business it has become clear that there is one factor even more important than quality: relationships. Through the years we've been lucky to have built up quite a few life long relationships that are by and far what keeps us inspired to do our best work, day after day. From wholesale partners, to our producer relationships and team members that have been with us since the beginning, relationships have kept Boxcar going through the good and bad and are inextricably linked to our success.

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