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Jersey City, NJ


modcup was born out of a garage in Jersey City in 2013. With nothing more than a 2lb roaster, a push cart and a desire to preach the gospel of freshly roasted coffee curbside.

We have now grown into a coffee company that sources green coffee from farms, estates, auctions, traders and importers across the globe and directly trades with the best coffee farms and estates in the world.

Our roasting philosophy at its core is simple With high quality coffee, lighter roasting is better. We roast delicately to preserve the coffee's natural aromas and brightness. Our goal is to introduce people to unique and special coffee tasting experiences. Coffees that can taste like peach tea. chocolate liquors. blueberry pie. tropical fruit salads.

In the beans we source and in the manner we roast them we take pride in showcasing a dynamic coffee experience. An experience that aims to showcase FAC01 Coffee is a Fruit

If you like exotic natural & experimental processed coffees you're in the right hands

Amplify the producer, turn their efforts up to 11. Floral & fruity coffees are our jam.

Just like modern America, and the city we roast in— our core team is a group of diverse, unique, and multifaceted coffee mods.

This is the modern world. #drinkmoderncoffee

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