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Chandler, AZ

Peixoto Coffee

Peixoto (pronounced “Pay-Show-Tow”) doesn’t just buy coffees directly, transparently and sustainably. Peixoto are the coffee FARMERS who produce it.

Owner Julia Peixoto was born and raised in a coffee farming-family in Southern Brazil watching her father and relatives give their lives to produce the best coffees they could but, when it was time to sell those coffees, they were at the mercy of the ups and (mostly) downs of the commodities market. Julia wanted to do better for her family and farmers in her region, changing the equity of the coffee trading game from the middleman to the farmers, who bear the brunt of the risks involved in farming and harvesting coffee. Julia and her husband Jeff left their promising corporate careers to start Peixoto Coffee in Arizona in 2015 to produce, import, roast, and bring to the market coffees farmed at their own family-farm, challenging the status-quo of the market and the traditional profiles expected of Brazilian coffees.

Peixoto Coffee is today one of less than a handful of roasters who have achieved complete vertical integration in their supply chain, connecting where the coffees are farmed to where the coffees are consumed. That means more money in the hands of the producers, and a higher quality coffee in the hands of the consumer. Peixoto Coffee brings exciting, complex, and uniquely experimental lots of coffees directly from its own farm and other farmers, whether in Brazil or other origins, they work to develop close and sustainable relationships with.

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